Luxury and Budget Apartments In Kalanthode, Calicat | Luxury And Budget Flats In Kalanthode, Calicut | Ghazal Builders & Developers

Ghazal Rhythm

Kalanthod, Near NIT, Calicut | 68966 sq ft Nearing Completion

Ghazal Builders & Developers, renowned as top builders in Kozhikode, Kerala, proudly presents Ghazal Rhythm luxury apartments. Located near NIT, Calicut, these residences epitomize opulence in a picturesque location. Offering a luxurious living and serene rustic charm, Ghazal Rhythm promises an unparalleled living experience, representing the hallmark of Ghazal Builders & Developers’ commitment to excellence.

Ghazal White Fort

Kottakkal | 86030 sq ft Ongoing project

As leading Real Estate Builders in Calicut, Kerala, Ghazal Builders & Developers proudly introduces Ghazal White Fort in Kottakkal. Rising elegantly in this thriving city, this fourteen-floored architectural marvel stands as one of the hallmarks of luxurious living.
Being among the Top Builders in Kozhikode, Kerala, Ghazal Builders & Developers has strategically placed Ghazal White Fort in the heart of Kottakkal, near prominent medical centres and educational institutions. This masterpiece offers an unrivalled lifestyle, boasting exceptional amenities and meticulous attention to living standards.
White Fort, situated near the esteemed Rajah’s School, epitomizes convenience and luxury in Kottakkal. Embrace the unabashed beauty of this high-rise, designed to fulfil your desires with a range of meticulously crafted apartments. Convenience is at your doorstep in this ever-growing town, offering easy access to public transportation, hospitals, educational hubs, restaurants, and department stores.
Discover harmonious living at White Fort by Ghazal Builders & Developers, where convenience meets luxury, setting the perfect rhythm for your ideal lifestyle in blooming Kottakkal city.

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Ghazal Patria

Chundel, Wayanad, | 52450 sq ft

Ghazal Builders & Developers, recognized as top builders in Kozhikode, Kerala, presents Ghazal Patria, a distinctive apartment project nestled amidst tea plantations in Chundel, Wayanad. Completed in 2017, this unique residence is a heaven of beauty, tranquillity, and luxury, surrounded by the enduring cool climate and breathtaking landscapes. Offering a 13-floor tower, including a cozy penthouse, amidst sprawling greenery, Ghazal Patria stands as an epitome of architectural excellence. Its strategic location on NH 212 ensures exceptional accessibility, making it a coveted address for those seeking a serene yet well-connected living experience amidst nature’s finest moments. Ghazal Builders & Developers’ commitment to crafting exceptional homes resonates through Ghazal Patria, where luxury meets the allure of Wayanad‘s stunning natural landscapes.

Ghazal Thazaa

Vythiri, Wayanad | 62000 Sq. Ft

Ghazal Builders & Developers, leading Real Estate Builders in Calicut, Kerala, proudly presents Ghazal Thazaa, a pioneering project in Vythiri, completed in 2013. Offering 72 leisure units across twelve stories, Thazaa revolutionizes living space solutions. These units, comprising single and multi-bedroom facilities, boast luxury amenities in a stunning location. Nestled amidst thick green forests, Ghazal Thazaa stands as a luxurious asset, offering the ideal setting for cherished moments and a lifestyle with modern living standards.

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KADCO Apartments

Ghazal Builders & Developers, esteemed as top builders in Kozhikode, Kerala, collaborated with Kozhikode Corporation for a multi-crore BOT project. Spanning 5 acres of prime land in Calicut, it transformed Kalluthankadavu and other slum areas into premium apartments.

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